Monday, September 19, 2011

Scare Tactics

I don't like to use them.  I would rather have customers like my products for what they are without having to scare them into using them.  Scare tactics work, people hear the message, the fear sets in and we fall for it - we automatically go do what the message is saying to prevent what would happen if we don't.  Will I share information that makes you think and possibly research to see what is out there, what is in the products we use everyday and hope you make healthier choices with personal care products and other products you use daily?  Sure, my idea of obtaining healthier people and a healthier world is to provide and share information that will help others make those choices.
It doesn't always have to be a negative thing but playing on people's fears has been going on for decades and we are starting to see consequences of giving into the fear.  Please do your research  - new products anywhere from laundry detergent to personal care products that promise this and that but what they aren't telling you is what you need to find out.  We tend to buy products for the convenience of them.  Doesn't have to include new products, could be ones you have used for years that could be causing problems.
When I started on this journey of becoming more green and eco-friendly 10 years ago, I focused more on protecting the environment.  Recycling, using laundry, dish detergent, shampoos, etc. that didn't have toxins and other chemicals in it that would harm our water systems, the soil around them and all the animals that relied on them.  I quit buying paper plates and plastic utensils even for the convenience and started purchasing cloth napkins.  I will go into this at a later date.
But then my oldest daughter was diagnosed at 12 with a chronic leukemia that you don't see until 50-70 years of age...I had to find out why and researched endlessly and then had to pick for now what mattered most and that was taking care of my family, getting rid of all the bad stuff so it would not happen again.
There is plenty of scary information out there and reading everything at once can cause information overload.  Pick somehwere you would like to start...what matters most to you?  I recently read Not Just a Pretty Face - The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry by Stacy Malkan.  It was a wonderful book and I thought I knew a lot and this one was an eye opener to me.  May not be one you want to start with because the information is unbelievable but definitely one to read on your journey to making healthier choices.
Thank you for reading.  I'm new to this so hang with me until I get it figured out and what I actually want to write about...have so many thoughts but don't want to be negative with information. :-)  Suggestions, comments are appreciated.

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  1. First, I'm very sorry to hear about your daughter. I agree that it can be very scary and overwhelming when you begin researching the dangers and toxins that are all around us. I like your suggestion at picking the one thing that matters most to you and starting there. I hope you get more answers through your research, and I wish the best for your daughter and your family.
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge